Rocky Falls in September

My good friend Justin was up here rockhunting with me a few weeks ago and after we finished hunting at the quarry at Eminence, we drove ten miles east to Rocky Falls, and cooled down in the spray of the waterfall there. There was a large church group there enjoying the swimmin hole…..


….some of their younger crowd were up exploring the falls when we climbed up there in our dirty blue jeans and boots…I could tell from their facial expressions that they were prob wondering where we had come from…it was quite warm and the spray from the water falling down that shelf of rhyolite felt very good….





this above is midway up…and then we climbed carefully on up to the top of the falls…cause let me tell ya, those rocks get very slippery when they are wet and the closer to the top of the falls, the harder it is to find dry spots on the rocks to put your feet on so you dont slip…I am talking from experience on slipping here….



…when we got to the top, Justin found this huge square shaped boulder on top of the bluff and naturally had to climb up on top of it….



…shortly after that. we climbed back down and headed back to the truck and homeward….


Rocky Falls is one of those beautiful areas of Missouri and the locals there at Eminence really like it, but they do share it well with others too. It`s ten miles east of Eminence on Hwy 106 and then south on H Hwy to Hwy NN, east from there a few miles, watch for the marked turn off to the right on to a gravel road…if you make it to the creek crossing on Hwy NN, you have gone too far. if you need more info. 






Sunbeams Over Eminence Quarry End of August

Onyx and I took a trip down to Eminence Quarry at the end of August to get some rockhunting in, we were just getting started when I noticed the clouds forming up as if to rain and then the windows to Heaven opened up in front of us….







…I`m a huge fan of sunbeams, photograph them whenever I see them if possible, and I took this as a good sign of things to come….hopefully my year just keeps getting better after seeing this. 🙂

House Fire on Mound Road out of Bourbon in August

 A little after 3 pm on August 25th, I was working on editing up some photos I had taken when I heard Crawford County dispatch Bourbon Fire Department to a residential structure fire and figured Sullivan would be dispatched to assist, so after grabbing my camera, Onxy and I headed in the direction of Mound Road off Hwy C. I called Jim Bartle on the way up there, found out he was detained in Cuba on business, so I continued up there…told him I saw no smoke in that direction but it could be laying down in the valley to the north of there as well. In fact, as it was, I did not see smoke til I was right on top of the house that was on fire and Steve Kimker said he thought the same thing as he was driving out to the fire, also seeing no smoke of any kind. I backed up and parked out of the way, knowing there would be several fire trucks coming to the call, and walked up to the scene…a one story ranch style home with fire and heavy black smoke pouring from the breezeway attached to the north end of the home. Sullivan Fire Department arrived as I was walking up to it and were soon packing up to join Bourbons initial attack crew inside the house….




..and while interior crews were locating and handling the flames inside the home, the junior firefighters handled the outside fires….




…and during the inside attack, a pet rabbit was located and saved by firefighters….


Much of the home was saved as well…great job by firefighters on a very hot day I might add.


Sunsets in August

I was surprised by a few very nice evenings during mid August where we were getting sunsets that looked like early spring for fall time sunsets, but hey, being a big sunset fan, we will take them anytime we get them…they were stunning to say the least….since the clouds completely filled the sky, I drove over to shoot them at the City Lake, and as I walked down to the edge of the water, folks were standing there watching in awe as the cloud colors deepened….









…and then as I left, I stopped to shoot it behind Missouri Baptist Hospital as well….



…as I said…STUNNING !!!