Beautiful Sunset in Memphis

On December 9th, Onyx and I drove down to Memphis, Tennessee, to deliver some grab bag material to the MAGS Club, one of the rock and mineral collecting clubs I have been a member of for the last several years, and to attend their annual Christmas Party for the first time since I joined the club. The Grab Bag material is for their annual show in April. We arrived around 2 pm and I drove over to WC`s house to drop off the 12 five gallon buckets of material for them. WC helped me unload them with his dolly and then gave me the nickel tour of his beautiful antique home. Anyone that has been to my house and thought it was full of rocks, which it is…should see just how full WC and Corneilia`s house is…there were not only rocks in every room, but some rooms even had a marble and seashell collection in them and they had huge geodes inside as well !! Needless to say, I was quite impressed. 🙂

I stayed at the La Quinta Inn in the Wolfchase/Bartlett area as it is a dog friendly hotel that doesn`t charge extra for dogs. We arrived there shortly after visiting with WC and Cornelia and as I was taking my bags into the hotel after getting Onyx settled into the room, I noticed a beautiful sunset forming up in the sky, so I grabbed my camera and started shooting…. was GORGEOUS !!!  Christmas Party went well too, I got there a bit early and helped set up some tables and chairs and found out it was the birthday of my buddy Alan Schaffer, so I had a couple of nice crystals in my truck, wrapped one up and gave it to him for his birthday, and gave a couple to his inlaws, Matthew and Carolyn Lybanon as well…Matthew is the Newsletter Editor and Carolyn is the Hospitality Director for MAGS and good friends for years. They hosted Missy and I on our way home from Arkansas on Easter for dinner a few years back. I also took a couple of flats of fluorite from Southern Illinois for the Pebble Pups and Carolyn took care of making sure they received them. Food was great and the rest of the evening went very well. Onyx and I headed home via a stop at Eminence on the way home the next morning. 🙂

Sunset During Thunderstorm May 27th

On the 27th of May, we had a thunderstorm roll through and by us right at sunset…made for some interesting images…

…and then a rainbow formed behind me….

…the colors just kept intensifying as it became darker and then after all that, I captured a lightning bolt without even knowing it til later during the editing…

Sunset City 2017

Well I see I fell pretty far behind on my blog site, my activity level has increased since Christmas time and I apologize to my faithful readers. I`ll start catching up by posting some gorgeous sunsets since the 4th of January through March….

below is May 31st….above is February back…

below starts June on the 5th….

…I had the camera set wrong and this is what I got on the first shot, the second one is a bit more like it tho….