Dramatic Skies This Evening

Walked out of the store this evening about 7 pm, and saw a massive thunderstorm stretching the width of the city limits blowing in from the north and black as could be, with a neat rolling white cloud at the top and forefront of it…wondered if it might be a squall line so got into the truck with Missy and drove up to the top of the hill by our new car wash to get a better view of it coming in. I didnt have my camera with me, but the reason I bought my LG phone was because it has a 3.2 meg camera in it and boy did it capture the storm clouds really nicely. I had to shoot a few extra shots due to the width of the storm, but there were some really nice flowing lines on either end and it was very dark in the middle…

Storm Passing Thru Sullivan 07302010

This is the first photo I shot, at the east end of town looking east…

Storm Approaching From North 07302010 7 pm

and this was the second one, the middle shot as it was, the dark mass under the white rolling cloud out in front….

Storm Approaching from North 0730 7 pm 3

and the third shot shows the storm on the west end as it comes rolling across town from the north….I then wheeled back to the east to see what was happening on that end and saw this next one…

Storm Coming In 0730 7 PM 5

and saw more flowing lines to the east end with the spooky darkness underneath…

Storm Coming In 0730 7 PM 6

and then watched this dark cloud drop down….started looking around to see if there was a wall cloud closeby….luckily didnt see one….

Storm Coming In 0730 7 PM 7

and then I turned back to see this cloud on the east end of town toward Oak Grove Village….

Storm Coming In 0730 7 PM 8

and then watched as the cloud lightened up with some big fluffy clouds forming out in front of the darker clouds….

Storm Coming In 0730 7 PM 9

…and then looked back to the west and south and saw some interesting clouds on that end of town…

Storm Coming In 0730 7 PM 10

and then this twist of cloud formations to the east again, heading south, and then the rain started flying and I got the heck out of there…and that is all that we received was rain and very little noticeable wind even…pretty wild to be out in and photograph….