Sunbeams Over Eminence Quarry End of August

Onyx and I took a trip down to Eminence Quarry at the end of August to get some rockhunting in, we were just getting started when I noticed the clouds forming up as if to rain and then the windows to Heaven opened up in front of us….







…I`m a huge fan of sunbeams, photograph them whenever I see them if possible, and I took this as a good sign of things to come….hopefully my year just keeps getting better after seeing this. 🙂

Sunbeams and Showers Mid April

We had a day of sunbeams and showers all day on April 21st….love those days….

15 Squall Line Sunbeams17 Squall Line Sunbeams 0119 Sunbeams & Showers 042121 Sunbeams & Showers 042122 Sunbeams & Showers 042123 Sunbeams & Showers 042127 Sunbeams & Showers 0421

…and a few more in early May…first one is a bit fuzzy due to driving and shooting and AF not working like I expected it to….they have a mind of their own sometimes….these taken on my way home from work morning of May 4th…

36 Out of Focus Sunbeams Sunrise 050437 Sunbeam Sunrise 050440 Sunbeam Sunrise 050441 Sunbeam Sunrise 050443 Sunbeam Sunrise 050444 Sunbeam Sunrise 0504