Sunsets and Sunrises in October

I have been shooting some beautiful sunsets and sunrises lately, they get really pretty in the fall and springtime, more so than any other time of the year. Here are some great sunbeams I saw on a night off a couple of weeks ago…lit up the entire sky during the sunset…..

0925 Sunbeam Sunset

0925 Sunbeam Sunset 3

0925 Sunbeam Sunset 5

0925 Sunbeam Sunset 6

0925 Sunbeam Sunset 7

0925 Sunbeam Sunset 10

…then while rockhunting in Eminence, I stayed til sunset and shot this one on my stomach of a water puddle reflection….

Sun Sets Over Quarry

Sun Sets Over Quarry 2

Sun Sets Over Quarry 3

…a week later, I was stopped off in Forest Park and shot this beautiful stunner that was just hanging in the skies….

1015 Forest Park

1015 Forest Park 3

1015 Forest Park 2

1015 Forest Park 7

1015 Forest Park 11

1015 Forest Park 13

1015 Forest Park 15

….the next morning, I stopped off at the Sunnen Corporation Fountain and shot the rising sun behind it….

1016 Maplewood Fountain

1016 Maplewood Fountain 2

1016 Maplewood Fountain 4




Sunbeams and Sunsets in September

I sure saw some pretty sunbeams the other morning on my way home from work, the morning of Sept 11th, at first they started out rimming the edges of a pretty cloud above me just south of St Louis….

0911 Clouds and Beams

…by the time I reached St Clair, I had to pull over just west of the scalehouse and shoot what looked like a stairway to heaven….

0911 Sunbeam Stairway Early AM 2

0911 Sunbeam Stairway Early AM

…one evening the week before, I had driven out to the end of Highway WW, north of Sullivan, to a neat pond that often gives me great reflections of sunset clouds and didn`t disappoint me then either….

0902 Erni Road Pond 2

0902 Erni Road Pond

0902 Cattails Near Pond

…and while standing there waiting for the clouds to deepen in color and hue, I looked up above and saw the moon brightly shining up high in the skies….

0902 Moon Above Sunset

…as I was driving back home, the very next valley to the south, was filled with a low hanging blanket of fog in a field full of cattle, with the sky filled with the soft glow of sunset…I stopped in the middle of the highway to record the moment….

0902 Hwy WW Early Fog & Cows

0902 Hwy WW Early Fog & Cows 2


Sunbeams in February

Sunbeams are another of my favorite subjects to photograph and view…I was on my way home from a shed fire last week on Erni Road, when I looked to the west and saw these beautiful ” Windows to Heaven ” forming up…and stopped on a hilltop to photograph them…

Erni Road 0220


…I then drove to Cracker Barrel to get some supper before I left for work and as I made the turn off the overpass to the parking lot, there were the ” windows ” in front of me once again….

West Overpass 0220


…that is the lighter version and I prefer the darker version below….

West Overpass 0220A