Sunbeams and Sunsets in April 2015

I apologize folks, I am a bit tardy in returning to all of my sites and getting caught up…this is a time of year I do alot of traveling for rock and mineral collecting, for anyone interested in that, check out my site and you will see that I have been collecting quite a bit this spring and early summer on my travels. Now that the fireworks are done, my travels are done til fall time. Back in April tho, I did see quite a few nice sunbeams and sunsets before all this rainy weather set in on us….the first one over the Elmont Road Bridge….

0409 Elmont Road Bridge

0409 Meramac Valley Church

0409 Meramac Valley Church 4

0409 Landon Road

0613 Over Sullivan

0613 Over Sullivan 4

..and some pretty sunsets as well….soggy ground and ballfields behind Cracker Barrel….

79 Ballfields 0409

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