Hot Air Balloon, Sunset, and Storms End of May

In the last week of May this year, we had a few storms that provided some spectacular sunsets and clouds both….I was also able to photograph a pretty hot air balloon on my way home from work two mornings in a row flying over Fenton near I-44….

0522 Sunrise Flight Near St Louis 3

26 Gorgeous SS After Storm 0524

Paula Sumpter commented on this one on my Facebook page, said ” oh look, Sullivan`s Jack in the Box has a water slide “….and below are the storm clouds I met on the way home from work one morning, went from daylight to nearly total darkness in the blink of an eye approaching Eureka…

33 Light to Dark Fast near Eureka WB 44

34 WB 44 Headed Home From Work Into Storm35 WB 44 Headed Home From Work Into Storm