Beautiful and Majestic Bald Eagle

Last Saturday I was on my way to Eminence to go rockhunting with my new rockhunting buddy Nathaniel riding along. We were driving down Hwy 137 near Houston when we approached a tree in a valley that had two large birds near the top…as we approached, Nathaniel said that looks like two eagles…and as I slowed and passed the tree, we could then tell that they were indeed two beautiful adult eagles. I turned around and we returned to photograph them…but as I turned around, one flew over us. We quickly parked next to an old house and a neighboring farmer stopped to check on us, we told him we were going to photograph the eagle in the tree and he told us where we could find some more if we wanted to photograph some, before pulling away. We walked down the road a bit until we were even with the eagle…had to photograph him thru some branches initially, couldn`t get a clear shot until he took flight a few minutes later. I wasn`t sure til I got home that night and loaded up the images into my computer if I had some clear shots of him, have been having problems with my autofocus, but I was pleasantly surprised when I finally got to take a look at them…..

02 Bald Eagle in Tree Near Houston

04 Bald Eagle in Tree

06 Bald Eagle Takes Flight

06A  Bald Eagle Takes Flight06A  Bald Eagle Takes Flight

07 Bald Eagle Takes Flight