First Winter Storm of 2015 on Feb 15th

Well we were deep into winter before we had our first official winter storm come in with the threat of snow and ice. I had to work that weekend and it waited til Sunday night before it came in…my short night at work…when I left at 3 am, things had settled down quite a bit, roads were fairly clear, our parking lot was in good shape as I left work….

Snowing Outside Work 3 AM

I walked out to start my truck and warm it up, nothing better than driving home in a warm truck as opposed to a very cold truck…

Leaving Work My Short Night

…it was still snowing the next morning when I woke up, so I drove down Hughes Ford Road to one of my favorite places to shoot snow images….

Hughes Ford Road

Hughes Ford Road Snowing

Hughes Ford Road Snowing 2

Hughes Ford Road Snowing 3

Lone Oak Tree on Hughes Fd Rd

Lone Oak Tree on Hughes Fd Rd 2

Lone Oak Tree on Hughes Fd Rd 3