Rocky Falls…a Total Gem in Southern Missouri

I was down at Eminence last weekend to do some rockhunting, the temps were beginning to climb into the 50`s and 60`s and the deep snows there were beginning to melt. After a long day of rock collecting, I drove down to Rocky Falls, located about ten miles east of town on Hwy 106 and then south on Highways H and NN, and arrived to find some snow still on the road and ground there. I had never seen it in the snowfall, have only been there in the summer time, when its normally very heavily occupied by area residents.

Rocky Falls is a beautiful waterfall nestled in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri, and drops down over a rocky outcrop of dolomite, dropping about fifty to sixty feet into a nice swimming hole of water….there are some rocky shut ins above and downstream from the falls.  The US Forest Service created a nice parking area near the base of the falls and built a nice gravel roadway to it from Highway NN. On this particular day, with the snowfall melting down, the creek was flowing very well and running heavily down over the rocky face….

01 With Snow Left

02 Some Snow Remains   04 Snowmelt Contributes