Some New Crystals Added to My Collection

Some have told me that they always wanted to see what was inside my house when I tell them rocks…rocks….and more rocks…here are some of my latest adds to my collection this spring…from one of the Doe Run Mines nearby….these are on my desk cabinet top….

01 Calcites With Marcasite





…and a few in the next photo are now in the home of one of my Tulsa rockhound friends, Virgil…who was up here earlier this week to buy a few from me….these beauties come from a half mile underground and have never seen the light of day til now…beautiful treasures created by the hands of God millions of years ago….

06 From Pocket 31

07 Pyrite Encased Dogtooths & Pocket 31 Pieces

08 Pocket 31 Pieces

09 Pocket 31 Pieces

10 Pyrite & Chalco Calcite Pieces

11 Pyrite & Chalco Calcite Pieces

12 Pyrite & Chalco Calcite Pieces

…one of my favorites is chalcopyrite….thats the muticolored stuff in the photos, some call it peacock ore and some can`t even pronounce the name of it as it`s spelled too…

15 Pyrite & Chalco Calcite Pieces