Family Reunion in Arkansas April 2016

While we were down in Arkansas the second weekend in April, we drove down to Waldron and out to Sehorn Cemetery, where my grandparents are buried…a few weeks before, the cemetery was hit by an EF2 Tornado that touched down a little ways west of there in the valley and traveled right thru the middle of the cemetery and then turned northeast passing over Hwy 71 a few miles north of Waldron. Many of the huge cedar trees and old oak trees that ringed the cemetery on the ridge top, were snapped or twisted off and pulled right up out of the ground….this is how it looked as we drove in….a week or so after a massive cleanup by many volunteers assisting county crews….

03 Tornado Damage 2016

04 Tornado Damage 201602 Tornado Damage 2016

05 Tornado Damage 2016

…my grandparents and great grandparents are buried just to the left of the hanging baskets and the group of cedars in the middle of the cemetery took a hard hit from the strong winds, but for the most part, remained standing strong as sentinels watching over the grounds….Uncle Harold was out there assisting the crews that cleaned up the downed trees, he said a huge tree fell down near my grandparents graves and the top of the tree came to a rest just inches from their tombstone….

08 Tornado Damage 2016

09 Tornado Damage 201610 Tornado Damage 2016

15 Tornado Damage 201616 Tornado Damage 201617 Tornado Damage 2016

23 Tornado Damage 201624 Tornado Damage 201625 Tornado Damage 2016