Falling Spring Mill in Southern Missouri

Two weeks ago, I was driving to Eminence by way of the scenic route of Highway 19 in south central Missouri, returning from Black Rock, Arkansas on a rock hunting trip. I stopped by Falling Spring Mill just south of Winona, it had been several years since I had photographed it and I thought I would see how it was aging. On the way there, I passed by a few fields full of colorful black and white Jersey cows….

01 On The Way Field of Jersey Cows

00A  On The Way Field of Jersey Cows

00B  On The Way Field of Jersey Cows

…and then I dropped off down into the hollow where the old mill is located, neat old one story mill with a huge iron overshot wheel next to it and next to that is a waterfall a few feet wide coming out of a bluff behind the mill building….

01 May 31st

03 May 31st

05 May 31st

06 May 31st