Sarah`s Big Day in May

I happened to be off work the evening of my niece Sarah`s graduation from high school this year, so I was able to drive my parents and Chickie, Brad`s mom, down to the graduation ceremonies at St Louis University. On the way, we stopped off at Brad and Joann`s house and took some family portraits. Lulu was able to attend the event as well…she is the exchange student from China who stayed with Joann`s family last year, very nice and very smart too….she was able to get a scholarship to one of the best east coast colleges this year as well. After the family portraits, we had a small bite to eat and then took off to SLU for the ceremonies. Eureka High School, despite having a large campus, does not have a gymnasium large enough to hold five hundred graduating students plus family and friends of each student. The facility at SLU was more than big enough to accomodate all that came to watch. My niece Courtney and I both photographed the inside ceremonies, and Courtney shot some great photos in the dim light that I was not able to capture. 

01 Portrait

04 Mom & Dad with Sarah

07 Sarah & Family

12 Sea of Purple

14 Celebration Hats Flying