Trailer Fire on a Cold Night in January

I took Saturday night off from work on the 16th so I could go rock and mineral collecting in south central Missouri that afternoon. I returned home about 7 pm and was headed to bed by midnight when I heard Franklin County dispatch Beaufort Leslie Fire District to assist Sullivan Fire District for a structure fire at 150 East Springfield. Sullivan FD recently switched over to dispatching services by Washington County Dispatch and I did not hear the tones drop. I quickly dressed warmly, grabbed my camera and flash, and headed for the truck with Onyx just ahead of me. We arrived soon after and found 854 on the scene with Captain Dave Konys and his crew of Ray Enloe and Davey Sumpter fighting the fire. Sullivan Ambulance was on the scene as well as a Sullivan police officer standing by securing the roadway and scene until Franklin County deputies arrived. It was obvious the fire had been burning hot, as the vinyl siding on the garage of the house to the west, as well as the trailer skirting to the east had melted down some…..Ray Enloe was on the nozzle at the street end of the trailer….

02 Ray On Hoseline04 Front of Trailer08 Trailer Fire06 Ray On Hoseline

10 Trailer 4612 Porch Side Engulfed13 Porch Side Engulfed14 Porch Side Fully Involved

15 Porch Side Fully Involved

16 Ray Enloe Douses Street End of Trailer17 Heavy Smoke Pours From Trailer18 Heavy Fire on Porch Side19 Ray Receives Assistance20 Fire Erupts From Porch Roof



And then Bourbon, Beaufort, and St  Clair Fire Districts arrived to help with manpower…Sullivan had already established a good water supply thanks to some very good hydrants down Springfield Avenue. 

22 Porch Roof Continues To Burn

24 Bourbon FD Arrives

25 Porch Begins to Burn Again

26 Bourbon Crew Attacks Porch

27 Ray Attacks Back of Trailer28 Ray Hits Back of Trailer Again

29 Ray Hits Back of Trailer Again  Sorry for the blurs, I had the shutter set pretty low and slow to pick up extra light and everyone was apparently moving faster than an eighth of a second, which is what I was shooting at. Luckily for the family who lost their trailer, everyone got out safely.

December Sunsets and Sunrises

Fall is my favorite time of the year not only because of the fall colors but because we normally get some gorgeous sunsets and sunrises during the fall and even the spring, mainly because there are more clouds in the skies then, and that because there are more stormy times during each of those seasons. Mid December and Christmas time we had some unique storms that brought us some gorgeous sunsets and sunrises in 2015…for the sunset, I simply stepped out into the street and included the Elmont Road Bridge….

1213 Elmont Road1213 Elmont Road 31213 Elmont Road 51213 Elmont Road 41213 Elmont Road 6

and for the sunrise, I stopped off at Shaws Garden Arboretum on my way home….

01 Dec 24th Pacific Hills04 Shaws Garden Entrance06 Shaws Garden Lake05 Shaws Garden Entrance07 Shaws Garden Lake12 Shaws Garden Lake13 Shaws Garden Lake14 Shaws Garden Lake