Storm clouds in June

In mid June, I was walking up thru the city park here in town and saw some storm clouds to the north an hour before sunset….

0612 Storms Passing North 2







0612 Storms Passing North 4

…and a few days later, at a photoshoot near Krakow, there were storms approaching us from the south as well by mid afternoon…

Storm Approaches Andy`s Farm Flag Day 2

and the best part was after the shoot on the way home, where we saw this beauty form up….

Rainbow in Storm Clouds Flag Day 2

Rainbow in Storm Clouds Flag Day 3






Storm Clouds and Sunset in May

I photographed another storm system as it rolled through Sullivan in mid May and the photos wound up in the local paper once again….I have been shooting for the Sullivan Independent News for many years, mostly fire and rescue calls over the years, but they also publish some of my sunsets and steam trains and fireworks images too….

0518 Elmont Road

0518 Elmont Road 2

0518 City Park

…the last one here is the one that was in the paper….and here is a nice sunset I shot over the Meramac River down by Eureka in mid May as well…

81 Meramac River at Eureka if you would like to talk more about my work. 🙂